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Licensed Staff

All of our licensed funeral directors adhere to the highest standard of ethical practices and are committed to ensuring that all of your needs are attended to. Their commitment to the community and genuine compassion toward families are but a few of the characteristics that make them outstanding in their field. We are proud to have them on our staff.

Sheryl Ann Tudor, Funeral Director
Office Phone: (246)429-2082 or (246)434-4012
Fax: (246)429-2082

Despite her seemingly youthful appearance, Ms. Sheryl Ann Tudor is the consummate professional. Daughter of Mr. Dennis A. Tudor, Sheryl Ann is our resident Licensed Director, who has been arranging funerals from as far back as she can remember. Her emphasis on detail and commitment to stellar service make her a vital element in the Tudor's Funeral Home team.

Sheryl Ann stands at the helm of the company's day-to-day operations and is continuing the Tudor family's legacy of service to the people of Barbados which began in 1894. She is also a member of the Barbados Association of Funeral Directors and the Kiwanis Club of Barbados (Central).

Sheryl Ann and her staff treat the families they work with as if they were their own and are dedicated to providing a caring and affordable option.

Whitmore Gibbons, Embalmer
Office Phone: (246)434-4012 or (246)429-2082
Fax: (246)429-2082

Bernard Wharton, Embalmer
Office Phone: (246)434-4012 or (246)429-2082
Fax: (246)429-2082