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Preserving the Memory

There are no hard and fast rules as to the best way to preserve the memory of your loved one. At Tudor's Funeral Home, we feel duty bound to ensure that you are well appraised of the options that are available.
Keep checking back as we will continually be developing this area of our website, in order to provide you with a thoughtful list of options.

Memorial Portraits on Canvas
are classic examples of items which are used to help preserve memories. We have partnered with
Canvas Artworks because their body of work is excellent and we invite you to take a look at their offering. Their talented Artists can turn any favourite family photograph into a painting. They can also create Pop Art Portraits of your photos and restore any that have been damaged.

If you would like to see what one of your photos turned into a painting would look like, upload a photo (or bring your photographs to us) and within 2-3 days the Artist will send a copy of the finished artwork by email, for just $40 BDS. You will be able to view the artwork, make any desired changes and decide afterwards if you would like to own it on canvas. Prices for the finished portrait start at under $200 BDS (plus shipping) and delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Feel free to come by our offices in the Ivy to see an example of the quality of the work which is produced by this company. We guarantee that you will be impressed.