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Funeral Grant


A Funeral Grant is payable in respect of the death of an insured person who at the time of death was in receipt of (or had title to) Sickness Benefit, Maternity Benefit, Unemployment Benefits, Invalidity Benefit or Old Age Contributory Benefit.

A Funeral Grant is also payable in respect of the death of the spouse of an insured person in respect of whom a grant would have been payable (had he/she died) whether or not the spouse has predeceased the insured person.

Where death results from an employment injury or an occupational disease, a Funeral Grant is also payable.

Amount of Funeral Grant


The amount payable as a funeral grant is $1995 BDS. This amount is common to persons insured at any level or in any class under the National Insurance Scheme and applies whether or not the grant is payable as the result of a death following an employment injury or an occupational disease.

A Funeral Grant is not payable if the deceased person was entitled to Non-Contributory Old Age Pension, unless:

  1. the deceased had received or was eligible to receive an invalidity grant or an old age contributory grant
  2. was the spouse of an insured person.

The Grant is payable to the person who has met or is liable to meet the cost of the funeral o the deceased person.

Do not hesitate to contact us, or the officers of the National Insurance and Social Security Scheme should you have an further questions regarding Funeral Grants.